A little bit of this...a little bit of that

Some random weirdness:
  1. Milk is about $4.85 PER GALLON here in the Midwest. That's right, I said per gallon. I paid less than that for two gallons in San Diego (which is the mother of all expensive cities). That means we are spending at least $20 PER WEEK on milk. Seriously. What do all of you pay for a gallon of milk? Why, what with all the free space out here, do we pay so much for milk? Could they not throw some cows in the empty fields and save us all a few dollars? Does the milk come from little precious cows eating truffle oil omelets and sipping Evian with their pinkies in the air? Please tell me there is some good reason why I am paying so much for the milk. Otherwise, the children might be asked to stop growing so their little bones don't need so much calcium. Either that I have to give up the diet coke. And that just ain't happening.

  2. If I have tried to call your house in the last five days, it really is me. Not Dupgya Samenieni like the caller ID says. Hopefully the phone company got it all straightened out. That's what they tell me anyway. Sure, they have been wrong before. But like always, I believe them THIS time.

  3. Whoever invented wallpaper should be tied to the nearest tree and jabbed repeatedly with a pointy stick. Or at least whoever puts it in the homes that I purchase ought to be. WHY, WHY, WHY would you put up wallpaper? I think if you have ever had to remove it, you never, ever put it up. I will have pictures coming of the master bathroom (where I removed the bedeviled wallpaper) once I get it all painted. My poor fingers are just too ragged tonight from the removal that took way more time than it should have. (And yes, I was even using the paper tiger. Ugh.)

  4. We had a huge thunderstorm blow in this afternoon. It was pretty impressive. Having spent the last year living in the coastal desert where it rains like once every five years, it's been a while since I've seen rain like that. I was pretty entertained. The children were extremely frightened (which added slightly to my entertainment).

  5. And have you seen THIS blog? If you haven't done so yet, get yourself right on over there and take a look at her latest recipe. I have six words for you...peach crisp with maple cream sauce. Oh my heavens. YUM.