Welcome to Del Boca Vista

So we're surviving and thriving. We discovered the town pool (which is closer to a water park, truth be told) complete with lazy river, several huge water slides, diving pools, and kiddie splash areas. It is just amazing. We have already spent several days there. A summer pass is unbelievably cheap and we have declared it our summer go-to spot. So much for not getting any more freckles this year. Sigh.

We've also begun to meet some of the neighbors. One of the huge draws for us to this neighborhood was the fact that the HOA dues cover lawn mowing and snow removal. We have since discovered that it is attractive to a lot of other people as well - people who are not necessarily in our age bracket (or that of our parents, even). We have had the parade of good, Christian women bringing us treats all weekend - everything from Jello salads to cookies to brownies to lemonade. They are all very kind, but will most likely not be calling for play dates. (Chase did offer to help our next-door neighbor Clyde fix his sprinkler. Clyde didn't jump on the chance at his expert, free labor, much to Chase's chagrin.) Nevertheless, we have met a few young families here and are still thrilled with our house.

I am proud to report that I did my first six-miler on Saturday in preparation for The Race. It went pretty well, considering how hot and humid it was. I did get me a cute new running skirt thanks to Marathon Bird and her excellent suggestion. I have to say, it is pretty awesome. I've never really liked running shorts as I've been unable to find a pair that didn't get stuck in the fat of my inner thighs and ride up (is it just me? Does anyone else find this problematic?). These running skirts stay right in place (with a little pair of built-in shorts underneath to keep things covered) and I was mighty comfortable. As comfortable as one can be running at six a.m. on a Saturday morning in heat and humidity. I'm just saying.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. Heading out to watch me a few TIVO'd Soprano's I've been saving, eat a brownie, and drink about a gallon of water. Happy Sunday!