My Last Lecture

Have any of you seen or heard about this? The Husband forwarded this great article to me from the Wall Street Journal. A lot of universities are now having professors give lectures and speeches - as though it would be their last. Many have been waxing philosophical and poetic with one last look at their life and what they would have the world know after they have gone.

This article really got me thinking. What would I say to my children if I knew I was dying? What lessons would they need to know? I began thinking so much about this that I decided to write my own Last Lecture. Kind of like the talk I'd give if I were to attend my own funeral. But since I am who I am, my Last Lecture must be in the form of a list. So here are some of the things I've learned in my short life that I would want my children to know:
  • Boys who are mean and tease you actually really like you.

  • Seventh, eighth, and ninth grades are not kind to anyone. Not even that pretty girl who never gets pimples and wears the cool jeans.

  • Don't take things personally.

  • Don't over-analyze every conversation and be critical of yourself for hours afterward.

  • Don't feel insecure when you walk into a room and don't know anybody.

  • Don't ever feel like you're not good enough. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. And then some.

  • Never lie. Unless it's to get out of a bad date. Then come up with a DOOZIE.

  • Never be afraid to talk to that cute boy. He just might be your soul mate.

  • Look at the glass as half full. Even if it's not.

  • Find a creative outlet.

  • Then create something every day.

  • Learn to bake a really good cheesecake and your spouse will always forgive you for accidentally making pink gravy.

  • Organize your life. Clutter can actually cause your brain to explode.

  • Be okay with laughing at yourself.

  • Always remember that you're never too old to make new friends.

  • Don't be afraid to try something new. Even if you're really bad at it. ESPECIALLY if you're really bad at it.

  • Be physically active. Exercise will make life seem more manageable.

  • Always make sure to taste the cookie dough. Can't stress this one enough.

  • And the cookies, too.

  • Don't waste your energy on things that don't matter.

  • Marry someone that makes you laugh.

  • Don't panic because your first baby never cries. Your second one will. A LOT.

  • Savor every moment with your babies. Even the ones when you're so annoyed you want to scream. Your babies will grow up entirely too fast.

  • Take pictures of everything in your life.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Learn to measure a person by their character and their soul; not their looks or situation.

  • NEVER, and I mean EVER, take two toddler boys to Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts. Just trust me on this one.

  • Accept that your life is a poster for Murphy's Law. And be okay with that.

  • Learn to love all your faults. Even your freckles. And the jiggly bits on your thighs.

  • Laugh at something every day.

  • Read good books. Over and over again.

  • Never stop learning.

  • Love those around you.

  • Be forgiving.

  • Never judge anyone. You just don't know everything.

  • Love yourself.
What would you have your loved ones know?