Nice? Who, me?

Adorable Amanda has bestowed upon me a Nice Blogger award. (Clearly, she doesn't know me very well!) Thanks, Amanda! If you haven't been to her blog, go check it out. She is my moving comrade and has just recently uprooted with her husband and kids to Oregon.

And as is bloggy tradition, I get to bestow the award on three others. The first award goes to my friend Emily. They don't get much nicer than Em (in life, blogging, and everything else). Go get a dose of life with three boys at Emily's blog. She makes it look easy.

Second award goes to Here is a cute mom who is not only expecting baby number three, but also has time to sew adorable items for her new boutique. Life is never dull with a few princesses underfoot, and she always makes me laugh with the funny things her kids say.

And the third award goes to my cousin, Kimberly. She is a multi-talented beauty who has three gorgeous kids and is living my dream in San Diego. I have always loved Kimberly and her family. Nice doesn't even scratch the surface there.

So feel free to pass on the bloggy love. Nominate three nice bloggers of your very own and keep the nice ball rolling. [Although I fully expect to one day get the mean blogger award. It is much more fitting]