Lest we forget

Due to a tragic, colossal error on my part, I overlooked telling you about (according to The Husband) the most important part of our mini-holiday to Branson. No, the children frolicking on the shore of The Lake! was not the most important part. Our family spending quality time together? Nope. Not even getting out of our church talks could overshadow this monumental event that I somehow forgot to tell the internet about.

Did I forget because it was at the near-end of our journey, on the way home, and I was too busy basking in the glow of incredible fun we'd had together?

Apparently not.

I think I am probably still reeling from the trauma of the illegal U-turn made on the freeway -- not once -- but TWICE for this blessed event. Perhaps I was just trying to block it out and never think of it again.

So what was this most special part of our weekend that all of the internet must know about?


Yeah, that's it.

While I am definitely awed at the sight of a bald eagle in the wild, I am afraid that my fear for our safety during the aforementioned two illegal freeway U-turns clouded my appreciation for nature of this sort.

Call me a wimp, but death by 18-wheeler just so I can catch a glimpse of a bald eagle isn't really a good trade off.

But that's just me.