(McKay, Chase, and Hannah ringing in the new year with sparklers)

I saw on another blog (can't quite remember which one) a list of resolutions that I actually liked. It was not a list of new things that were going to be done this year, but a list of old habits that would NOT be done. I figure I generally give up on new habits after about a week, but could possibly work on not doing some less-desirable things I do instead.

So, for 2008:

I will not eat so much cookie dough.

I will not stop exercising, even though there is nothing on my TIVO because of the writer's strike.

I will not ignore the books on my nightstand anymore.

I will not start smoking.

I will not spend so much of my husband's hard-earned money on cheap plastic things at Target.

I will not criticize myself.

I will not compare myself to others.

I will not be afraid of learning Photoshop CS3 (especially if I can somehow learn how to erase all my freckles from pictures).

I will not say stupid substitute curse words like "frick" and "shite" anymore. (I can't promise I won't say the real ones instead, however).

I will not kill Sir-Croaks-A-Lot on purpose.

I will not expect perfection of myself or others.

So how about you? What are you NOT going to do this year?