Reason #85 why I'll keep him

My mudroom has been the bane of my existence for several months now. I think it has actually caused my OCD brain to seizure when I walk by it. I am so fed up with stepping over coats, shoes, boots, and backpacks.

My eye twitching and Tourette's-like swearing made it clear to us that the current organizational system wasn't working.

So what to do? Well, first The Husband was home for the long holiday vacation with not much work to do. He starts by tearing out the old hooks and shelves:

He draws up some plans, gets all the supplies, and starts to build some new lockers and shelves. I have seen his work before and do not doubt his vision, even if he won't let me touch the hammer or drill, no matter how much I beg. I guess I am content to be just the apprentice/laborer:

After two days, some paint, and about six trips to Home Depot, I now have this new piece of organizational bliss. There is plenty of shoe space at the bottom. Each child has a locker (designated by their initial) and on either side of the lockers are a set of shelves where I can put things.

Like chocolate. Or money. Or buried treasure I find out in the backyard.

The point is -- I have somewhere to put things! Yay me!

There are days I might consider selling The Husband. Today is not one of them.