Pros and cons

Things that suck:
  • Burning a hole in my son's brand new church pants with the iron before he's even worn them.
  • Having to replace my son's new church pants that I JUST BOUGHT.
  • Monday mornings.
  • Laundry.
  • Four bathrooms that somehow have pee on every toilet seat.
  • Having a rock flip up and crack the windshield of my car no less than three weeks after replacing it BECAUSE OF ANOTHER ROCK.
  • Weight training.
  • My brother Dan.
  • Cellulite.
  • Hannah finding my secret stash of protein bars and eating all the best ones.
Things that don't suck:
  • Dry cleaners that come to your house (who will now be responsible for the boys' Sunday pants)
  • My new mudroom (and the fact that I haven't stepped on a coat or pair of shoes for four days now).
  • The cardinal sitting on the tree outside my window.
  • Sunshine on my shoulder (makes me happy...).
  • Quoting John Denver songs in a blog post.
  • A projected high of 71 degrees today.
  • Having the willpower to throw away the leftover cookies instead of eating them.
  • My brother Dan.
  • New moisturizer from Origins (Thanks, Holly!).
  • Bryan Peterson photography books.
  • Diet coke on a Monday morning.
  • A new, pretty calendar for 2008.
  • Baby clipboards.
  • Happy, healthy babies.
Oh, all right. I have nothing to complain about today. The pros have it.