Why I am Lucky (Surprise Guest Post)

This is Josh (the “Husband”) writing a special guest post to Stie’s blog. Before I get on with this note, I want to acknowledge that this type of post is risky. Many will say that Christie is actually the author, writing in guise to fulfill egotistical tendencies or that we colluded to somehow increase her “readership”. Some readers may think that this is a clever ruse to “make-up” after a spat (I don’t think we have been in a fight recently…but for all I know, we may be in one right now). I want to make clear that that these or other ulterior motives were not the purpose of my post. I can assure you that she will be surprised and embarrassed when she reads this post. I hope she forgives me. Because this blog has become our electronic family record, I think this post is oddly appropriate.

I think I am one of the luckiest guys around because I found the partner that has the exact combination of characteristics to bring me the greatest happiness. Because I only knew Stie for only a short time before we were married, I did not or could not know the perfection of the match. I wish I could say that I had foresight and wisdom when I asked Christie to marry me, but I can’t…it was truly divine intervention that guided our decision. I will be eternally grateful that I acted on that intuition or inspiration, whatever you want to call it.

When we started out, I had the unfortunate mixture of ambition and lack of vision. In other words, I really wanted to get somewhere in life as fast as possible but had no idea where. These traits often lead me to be frustrated and unsatisfied. However, even in the beginning, Stie always believed in me. And, strangely, she still does even in times when I don’t or when I don’t measure up. I am sure some have rolled their eyes at some of our crazy decisions (which also tend to be the most life changing), but Stie can make anything work and is always 100 percent.

Stie has come a long way. When I first met her, she hung around the same group of friends that she had since she was 5 years old. She lived in one house her entire life. She hadn’t traveled widely... her 10 day trip to Chicago was the furthest she had ever been (she considered herself a native of Chicago for years after that trip). Our first move was a huge adjustment for her, it was difficult to navigate new areas, find new friends, and just feel comfortable…and we moved less than 15 miles away from her house.

Fourteen years later, I’ve lost count on the number of times we’ve moved but we’ve lived in 5 states, each in regions of the country that couldn’t be more different. But Stie has thrived! She has an uncanny ability to quickly acclimate to new situations and adapt to any social circumstances without being awkward. People are drawn to her because she is fun, authentic, and puts their needs above hers. She’s not the most “churchy” person I know, but she is one of the most Christian.

Stie manages all this while not being overwhelmed by her near single-parent status. I, fortunately, have found (through trial and error) a direction and career that I really enjoy and brings me satisfaction. Unfortunately for Stie, it requires significant demands of time which lead to sacrifice. There are months (like right this one) where I spend nights at the Marriott than at home. There are also times when I am home, but am not really there. Stie’s sheer capacity and ability to organize makes our house a place that I want to come home to. I attribute our kids’ cheerful dispositions and well-adjusted natures to the happy atmosphere Stie creates in our home. She is so strong and independent; I have learned to never underestimate her will.

Now, Stie has some crazy quirks, which I will continue to tease her about (you never know, maybe those will be the subject of another special blog post). But she is truly the most accomplished woman I know. She is beautiful, Stie gets even prettier as time goes on…I love having her as my trophy wife. I am so happy that she chooses to stay with me and creates calm out of the chaos that is my life. I would be lost without Stie. I love her more than I can tell her…but I should tell her more.

That is why I am lucky.