Bite-sized bits of deliciousness

In this week's installment of Making My Friends As Fat As Me, we will be learning how to make these little sweets that I made on Valentine's Day. Do not be intimidated by the piped frosting and decorative look. These are so fast and easy to make that you will hate me.

The first step is to bake a cake in a 9x13 pan. Whatever flavor you choose is up to you. I used a simple white cake out of a box for these. You need to freeze the cake, so plan on making it a few hours (or the night before) you want to eat them. Dump the cake out of the pan and let it cool. Then throw it in the freezer until you're ready to assemble.

I got this recipe from my Mom. It has its own very fancy butter cream frosting recipe made from scratch, which I will gladly give to anyone who wants to go to all that trouble.

But this will work just as well (don't tell my Mom I told you so):

Pull your frozen cake out of the freezer and slice off a row that is about one to one-and-a-half inches wide. Put the rest of the cake back in the freezer. Don't worry, we'll get back to it soon enough. You need to keep the cake frozen as you work, or you end up frosting little crumbly squares that don't look very pretty. And the cake must be pretty.

Slice your cake strip open and spread with filling of your choice. My Mom uses raspberry pie filling inside hers. Personally, I prefer the frosting in a can.

Again, please don't tell my Mom how lazy I am. Or how adverse I am to fruit pie fillings. Fruit should never be cooked or mixed with cake. It's just wrong.

But in spite of my actual dislike of the product itself, the raspberry pie filling is pretty good inside these babies. Feel free to use whatever sets your little heart on fire.

Next, put the cake lid back on and begin slicing into little squares. I can get about six squares per strip of cake. If you slice them too big, they won't fit into the little cupcake papers and you will have to hurry and eat them before anyone notices your horrible cutting.

Not that I'd know anything about that. Ahem.

Holding each square of cake by the top and bottom, frost all four sides.

Now dip each side into a large bowl of sprinkles, making sure to cover every last little bit of frosting. We wouldn't want nekkid frosting.

Now they are ready to be put into the cupcake papers. You can be all fancy and use cute holiday ones or just the plain, boring, white ones like I did here.

Now take some more of that frosting in a can (or homemade buttercream if your name is Kathi and you are not lazy), and pipe a little over the top of each cake. I like to just go around in a square (again, lazy!). But you can get all fancy and creative using your mad decorating skillz if you have them.

And the finished pastries as far as the eye can see.

And guess what? One cake will make like 50 pastries, so you can eat like five or six before you've had the equivalent of even one piece of cake. Or be like me and eat, say, 15 to 18.

What? Shut up.

Now go throw a baby shower, bridal celebration, luncheon, or a Yay, Bob Made Parole! party. Make these and find that you have won friends and influenced people.