Dr. Atkins is probably rolling over in his grave

I married one of those guys who is always thinking of long-term financial planning.

I know.

We're like the ant and the grasshopper. One guess as to who the grasshopper is.

But when he recently figured out that we are spending about $800 on just bread every year, something had to be done.

My man loves a good research project, and decided that this would be the machine for us. I have no problem making my own bread every day, provided I am not spending hours kneading, mixing, baking, and wiping up flour. I mean, hello? Precious time that could be spent blogging?

Yeah, I know that you know what I'm talking about.

Well, we have spent the last week with our new toy, and I have to say, I'm smitten.

I mean, look at this. Hello, lover.

Now imagine that your kitchen has that just-baked-bread smell every day and you find yourself staring down a warm loaf of bread that just begs to be eaten.

See why my daughter is regulating my healthy eating?

Anyway, it's farewell to my friends at Great Harvest. Goodbye strange guy with the funky t-shirts and the colorful rasta hats. I will miss our weekly chats, and I hope you and your girlfriend can work things out. Oh, and if your revenues go down, say, to the tune of about $800, feel free blame the Husband's sense of fiscal responsibility, and my love of warm, soft, squishy bread smothered with butter and jam.

Oh, and by the way, tomorrow I will post instructions for the lovely pastries that you all are asking about. I need to make a fresh batch (cause we ate all of the last one) and take pictures of the process.

I'm only thinking of all you, my interpeeps (hi, Lisa! Best word ever). Not myself and those delicious mini-cakes covered in sprinkles and frosting.

I'm just so unselfish.