And the green cloud of doom wins

Today has been anything but boring. Several things have happened, each in their turn, and they have all caused me to pause and reflect. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of each event in order to help determine if any positivity can come out of them. Play along, won't you?

Today, I was able to:

Vote in my state's primary election.
Pros: I feel like a productive member of society who has a right to complain when I don't like who is in office, especially if her name happens to rhyme with Zillary Flinton.

Cons: My vote probably won't make a difference. Sorry, Mitt.
I went to help in Hannah's class today.
Pros: I get to feel like an active, attentive parent and spend time with my daughter.

Cons: I get to see firsthand all the sniffles, sneezes, and coughs filling the air like a thick, green cloud of doom.
I got called an hour after helping in Hannah's class to come pick her up because she was running a 103-degree fever.
Pros: I would not be going to Cub Scouts tonight.

Cons: I would get to spend the evening holding a feverish, whimpering child who is miserable and sad, instead of touring the firehouse with my den and staring at the strong, handsome men in their uniforms, which I love to do.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the doctor's office.
Pros: None. Are you kidding me?

Cons: Three kids in the waiting room of the doctor's office? Enough said.
The doctor determined that Hannah has a virus and prescribed three to five days of rest, fluids, and children's Motrin.
Pros: None.

Cons: We can look forward to three to five days of feverish, whimpering sadness. More if the green cloud of doom passes from person-to-person, as it frequently likes to do.
Due to the aforementioned sick child, I was forced to cancel a day of planned self-indulgent appointments for myself tomorrow.
Pros: I am saving my husband some money, and that always makes him happy.

Cons: No shopping, browsing, mani/pedi, or movie day for me.

I think the cons have it. Looks like a sucky day, today and tomorrow.