Statistically speaking

We are already 38 days into the new year. Here are some interesting statistics on my daily life so far:

In the 38 days of 2008:
  • The Husband has spent 29 days out of town.
  • I have helped kids with homework for about 23 hours.
  • I have exercised 33 days.
  • It has snowed once.
  • It has rained six times.
  • I have done approximately 62 loads of laundry.
  • I have cooked four actual meals (see number one for questions on this).
  • I have made eight batches of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
  • I have read three-and-a-half books.
  • I have spent 15 hours in church.
  • I have not had one. single. nap.
  • I have seen three new movies, and one old favorite.
  • I have had two house guests.
  • I have written 23 blog posts (not counting this one).
  • I have stared at my bangs and debated whether to grow or cut for about 4.6 hours (not in one sitting, mind you).
  • I have driven kids to 20 lessons/sports activities.
  • I have cleaned out the fridge once.
  • I have helped in three different classrooms for a total of eight times.
  • I have celebrated one child's birthday.
  • I have been to the grocery store about 25 times.
  • I have been hit on once (the only interesting one of all the trips to the grocery store).
  • I have been in two swaps. [Hi, Laurie! Yours is going in the mail today!]
  • I have transcribed 30 interviews.
  • I have fixed the telephone and internet twice.
  • I have thought about fixing the toilet once and reconsidered.
  • I have had kids home sick on three different days (and still counting, thanks to Hannah).
And I wonder why I'm tired?

Not anymore.