The sun'll come out tomorrow

And so it has. I woke up today feeling refreshed, energized, patient, calm, and back to my old self. I'm a little ashamed for whining and carrying on in yesterday's post - but what is this little blog for, if not to put down my true feelings? I'd probably be so much more boring if I was happy all the time, right? Right.

Now to report on my successful weekend: We picked mahogany for the wood floors, and it will be just stunning. We went with a very slight grain, so the floors will have a sleek, smooth look. The entire first floor will be hardwood, except the laundry room and powder room (which will be tile). And we decided to do a carpet inlay in the dining room and family room. I can't even stand it, I'm so excited.

For the counter tops, we chose a granite that is called "Caraway Gold," but has small flecks of varying shades of black, chocolate brown and light tan. It's absolutely beautiful. We didn't quite get to the paint colors, but I'll do that from here. Oh, and we found some unbelievable deals on furniture and bought a sectional for the basement; plus, a leather couch, chair, and love seat for the family room on the main floor. We will need a ton more furniture, but will wait to get the rest once we've moved in. This at least gives Josh someplace comfortable to sit as he watches me unpack the 9,678 boxes (just kidding, he wishes).

We went to church and got to meet a lot of the people in our congregation. Everyone was extremely friendly, and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. There are tons of kids in the primary, so I feel good knowing my kids will be able to have friends right away.

Everything about this move REALLY is falling into place. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity. These next two months are going to fly by. We will be together before we know it. I can't wait.

[And I'll try to avoid the schizophrenic/manic reactions in the future (or at least not blog about them for all the world to see). I really AM normal, I promise. Just ask all these voices I hear in my head, they'll tell you.]