Hello, March

Can you believe it's March already? Didn't we just celebrate Christmas like two minutes ago?


I swear, time just keeps going faster and faster.

Anyhoo, I am exhausted and wanted to pop on here before I head upstairs to take a much needed, seldom-taken, short Monday morning nap.

Don't judge. You know you'd do it, too, if you could.

Here's what we've got on tap this week:
  • The return of Chase, who has been on a business trip to Philly with the Husband, and stories galore of his adventures and escapades with his favorite cousin.
  • Not one, but two, gorgeous photo shoots to share with you.
  • My new favorite thing: The Blurb Book. Six months down, only thirty more to go.
  • Orthodontic appointments for the boys to begin the process of bracing their teeth (goodbye, money. I'll really miss you).
  • Manic house cleaning to prep for Oma tending while I'm on a ski trip with the Husband next week. (Which really translates to: The Husband is on a ski trip; I'm on a sleep in/nap/pedicure/shopping trip)
  • And last, but not least, Stie on a diet. It ain't gonna be pretty, folks.
Happy Monday, peeps.

Proving the nut and the tree theory

This morning, I stumbled upon a little list.

A Monday morning to-do list.

Written, unbeknownst to me, by my eight-year-old, Chase.

He had carefully laid out his plans and must-do tasks for the day. They are:
  1. Wake up (already done and crossed off)
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Do jobs
  4. Do mathsheets
  5. Read Chet Gecko #3
  6. Play with McKay and Hannah?
  7. Eat lunch
  8. Specile [special] family outing
  9. Come home
  10. Eat dinner
  11. Read the Little House in the Big Woods?
  12. Go to sleep

What I love more than just the fact that he's actually written this list himself (which, I'll be honest, does make my heart go all a flutter), is that he put a question mark on playing with his brother and sister, and reading a book before bed.

Because one certainly cannot count on later wanting to do these items.

One must always leave room for changing one's mind.

I think we definitely got the right baby at the hospital. No doubt in my mind.

Things I Learned Last Week

  • You bloggers have very decided opinions when discussing being on-time or late. I had no idea there was such strong feelings on the subject. (Note to self: Be more controversial).
  • Caramel bars make the Husband's Sunday school class a very happy place to be (recipe coming later this week, I promise).
  • Pulling my brand-new dryer out from the wall a little bit will quite miraculously reduce the time it takes to dry a load from one-and-a-half hours to about 36 minutes.
  • Doing this will cause me to swear out loud, and then wonder stupidly why I didn't do it a month ago.
  • In my mind, stockpiling my house with books makes up for the lack of food storage. What we'll eat in a crisis? I don't know. But books, we'll have in droves.
  • Watching my son pitch at his games and strike out several players is a very fun thing.
  • Unless you are the player getting struck out. Then it's probably not so fun.
  • Four-dollar-a-gallon gas prices will put a damper on the Husband's RV dream vacation this summer.
  • The aforementioned gas prices will force us to stay in nice hotels instead (which thus turns our trip into more of MY dream vacation).
  • My backyard has somehow become a bird sanctuary. Especially around five-thirty every morning when they converge right outside my window and speak to each other. AT THE TOP OF THEIR TINY BIRD LUNGS.
  • This is making me not like them so much anymore.
  • Self-given pedicures are against god's plan. When eagerly scraping dead skin off my heels, it is always a good idea to stop before the blood appears. Pain and suffering will surely follow, along with a solemn promise to never touch my own feet again.
  • Favorite thing this week: Good friends and tents in my backyard, warm chocolate chip cookies, and a few sunny days that make up for all the rain.

Statistically speaking

We are already 38 days into the new year. Here are some interesting statistics on my daily life so far:

In the 38 days of 2008:
  • The Husband has spent 29 days out of town.
  • I have helped kids with homework for about 23 hours.
  • I have exercised 33 days.
  • It has snowed once.
  • It has rained six times.
  • I have done approximately 62 loads of laundry.
  • I have cooked four actual meals (see number one for questions on this).
  • I have made eight batches of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
  • I have read three-and-a-half books.
  • I have spent 15 hours in church.
  • I have not had one. single. nap.
  • I have seen three new movies, and one old favorite.
  • I have had two house guests.
  • I have written 23 blog posts (not counting this one).
  • I have stared at my bangs and debated whether to grow or cut for about 4.6 hours (not in one sitting, mind you).
  • I have driven kids to 20 lessons/sports activities.
  • I have cleaned out the fridge once.
  • I have helped in three different classrooms for a total of eight times.
  • I have celebrated one child's birthday.
  • I have been to the grocery store about 25 times.
  • I have been hit on once (the only interesting one of all the trips to the grocery store).
  • I have been in two swaps. [Hi, Laurie! Yours is going in the mail today!]
  • I have transcribed 30 interviews.
  • I have fixed the telephone and internet twice.
  • I have thought about fixing the toilet once and reconsidered.
  • I have had kids home sick on three different days (and still counting, thanks to Hannah).
And I wonder why I'm tired?

Not anymore.